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People has been acting weird about photoshop lately, like it is cheating somehow… So I thought I’d make some before and after pics. I don’t claim to be a photoshop guru by any means but I think most people associate it with adding or removing things from a photo, like in fabricating. I see my photography out in the field just gather the data for the finished photograph. I spend so much more time on the computer developing then the time clicking the shutter button, it’s in photoshop my photo becomes a photo…

I’m tired of people telling me what I am “allowed” to do, I am the artist and the images are not an attempt to prove anything… I could add loads of UFO’s and flying Obamas in my art and it would still be alight if I say it is… this is my kingdom, m’kay?

Finished photo


Straight out of camera

I woke up early this morning by some dog barking… It was a high pitched very annoying bark at around 180 bpm (that’s barks per minute). The general rhythm was something like this: bark bark bark pause bark bark bark bark pause bark bark bark pause bark longer pause and repeat. I stuffed my noise blocking earplugs in my ears and put on some Jocelyn Pook and somehow managed to fall asleep again… When I woke up again many hours later the dog was still going on, same rhythm… It’s probably still barking, I’m in the the kitchen and can’t hear it though…

Added: Now, just minutes after I published this blog entry a helicopter started circling over here… say isn’t it ironic… =)