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I went on the same 6 km track again… didn’t remember the GPS before I was outside but it’s identical to the last one… probably faster but you can’t see that on the track anyway… good night =)


I’m not sure if I promised it or not… anyway here’s the track i made the day before yesterday… I was walking the days before too but my GPS had some mental issues with accepting my maps last night I was burngin DVD-r’s all night and it turned very late, it was 6 in the morning when I started burning the last disc and went to bed… I needed to burn 5 discs, I had 7, I used one to test that everything worked alright, then 2 of them turned in to coasters and I was left with 4 discs that worked… so now I have to get even more discs… I guess I need at least 3 to be sure to get one that works…


I haven’t been writing anything for a while… that usually happens when I start doing something… =)
I have been finishing a 45 minute movie I filmed at my cousins wedding… I also have been walking a bit and sleeping too long…

I was updating the maps in my GPS this weekend, to get the topographical maps of northern Sweden in there… we are going to Sarek for a trek later this fall me and mommy… however the GPS decided to take a dump on me and it f**ked up three times before it finally agreed to accept the mapset the fourth time… the only real problem is that it takes five hours each time…

I got the job to cover the FSOM orienteering competition in Fränsviken, Larsmo and in Fäboda, Jakobstad this weekend… it might be fun, just pretty please with sugar on top and whatnot, let it be dry…..

16% completed says the DVD burner… wonder if I should go out for a walk again… I have a track from yesterday but the GPS is upstairs and I am sitting in the kitchen… and I’m lazy… I’ll put it up here later…
I made subtitles on it by the way… so now I know how that works too… it was a bit frustrating when you didn’t really hear everything the priest said.. it kinda drowned in the reverb of the church… and I did actually set up my sampler on the inside of the altar so I could have made much better sound but something happened so it only recorded one second… not the 40 minutes the ceremony lasted… luckily the camcorder records a pretty nice sound quality… it was salvageable…

30% completed… I think I’ll go out for a walk/run anyway… yesterday I made the 6 km track with a moving average of 8.0 km/h and I walk around 5.6 km/h =)

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