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I went off-road to the trekking trail at Larsmo, about 15 km or so north of here… I have a pair of trekking shoes that I bought last year after we came from the fells in Abisko, Sweden and they are a number too big for me. Every time I used those shoes I’ve got chafed feet, but I thought that if I put two pairs of socks I would be able to use them anyway… wrong… I got about 4.5 km on the trail that are either 8 or 13 km depending on how you walk, so I was past the point of no return when first the heel on the right foot started to hurt and then the left one followed… I’ve said it before but now I mean it… I WILL NEVER EVER USE THOSE SHOES AGAIN… period.

I also had an encounter with an elk, it was at a rather overgrown part near a small lake, something run of into the forest like elks do when they get scared, I said aloud Are there elks in this forest? and then something ran with a lot of noise to the other direction… I take that as a yes… =)


Here follows an account of the creatures encountered on my walk this evening:

  • Hare – 2
  • Hedgehog – 1
  • Cat – 1
  • Small rodent (deceased) – 1
  • Human (in car) – 3

Tonights walk. It was three degrees, a bit chilly but rather uneventful, nothing much to write about really…

This Saturday was Veneziansk (a local celebration of the end of summer), I managed to get some quite alright photos of fireworks, and over an hours worth of the sounds of explosions… Got to use that soon… =)

Hello again… it’s a bit late but I just have to write while I’m a bit pissed off… =)

I went for a long walk, some 21.5km or so. It was a bit heavy because I haven’t walked that much lately but oh so nice… The walking was not the reason why I’m annoyed but after about 16 km I sat down on a bench for a little while to rest my legs that started to feel like they didn’t want to go on much further and after maybe two minutes or so two big angry looking Finnish speaking men came out of the bushes, I hadn’t seen any other people for 16 kilometers so I got a bit of a scare… Anyway they came right up to me and asked if I had been throwing firecrackers, I told them that I haven’t been throwing any firecrackers, so he the bigger one asked what’s my name and I decided that I didn’t wanna tell him, then he asked where I live and I told him, That’s not really a secret… So then he asked if I’ve been throwing firecrackers, and I told him again that no I am a bit old to be throwing firecrackers, I’ve been exercising, I even told him that I can prove EXACTLY where I’ve been all the evening and showed him the GPS track.. Then he said that there has been someone throwing firecrackers and they can’t sleep, and that it was me. I said no I haven’t been throwing firecrackers… A third man came walking on the road, he also looked rather menacing, the one I’ve been talking to shouted at him that they found the guy throwing firecrackers… and I told the third man that I have not been throwing any firecrackers and I can show him exactly where I’ve been, he asked what I was doing with a GPS… I told him that I’ve been exercising, that I just sat down on the bench to rest… then he asked if I was alone, Yes, and where my friends are, No I’m alone, and that people need to sleep and I shouldn’t be throwing firecrackers… I told them that I haven’t been throwing and *bleep* firecrackers… that I am a bit too old to be throwing firecrackers… Obviously he wanted to know how old I was and where I lived, I told him, and he wondered if I knew someone with a Finnish name that I’ve never heard of and can’t recall, No, then he said “Velo-moto” (that is a shop in our village that sells motorbikes) and I said Yes… That made him somewhat satisfied… The old man also said that he would let his dog out and if anyone (he meant me) came back the dog would sure make it hard to throw firecrackers… and so on and on…
They finally “let me go” but in their heads they got the guy that was throwing firecrackers, no doubt about that… just as a note, I haven’t thrown a firecracker in at least ten years…

Above is the track and below is speed profiles,
you can see the drop where I was stopped by the firecracker-maffia

EDIT: I thought I was finished with this rant but actually I feel like I want to say more, It’s so annoying that everyone seem to thing that I am some sort of criminal just because I like being out during that night, I happen to like the night, is there some law or something that is stating that you can’t be out during the night without any real valid reason then I am not aware of that… so why am I always the one that is the usual suspect, is it my looks that is the reason, I have rather long natural dreadlocks… if that is the case it’s discrimination… I can have dreadlocks if I want to…

The real problems are the hundreds of drunk people… but I am not drinking… shit I am not even eating meat… I’m totally a pacifist… what is wrong with you people..? Leave me alone, ok?

Good night.

I’m not sure if I promised it or not… anyway here’s the track i made the day before yesterday… I was walking the days before too but my GPS had some mental issues with accepting my maps last night I was burngin DVD-r’s all night and it turned very late, it was 6 in the morning when I started burning the last disc and went to bed… I needed to burn 5 discs, I had 7, I used one to test that everything worked alright, then 2 of them turned in to coasters and I was left with 4 discs that worked… so now I have to get even more discs… I guess I need at least 3 to be sure to get one that works…

So the rain finally cleared and I went out for a walk… it turned out to be a 15.5km track this time, I felt like I could have done more but I ran out of roads… =)
I tried to keep the average speed over 6.0 km/h so I had to run a little when I was sure that nobody saw me and I managed to get the total average at 6.0, I’m satisfied…

What more… It’s been rather dull weather most of the day, gray and rain. I watched the opening ceremony for the olympic games in Beijing, it was nice, a bit overdone but the mass performances was extremely well coordinated and what else could you expect from a country like China. Luckily there were no terrorist attacks. I half expected something to happen, kept checking the net for news about things happening outside of the arena but nothing big…
Maybe there is hope for humanity after all… =)

I’ve got an annoying little sore blister on the smallest toe on my left foot (the one that is the furthest to the left), that’s the excuse why I didn’t go walking very far tonight… I did start out thinking I would go the “normal” 6 km track but it hurt like **** to walk so I turned it to a short track. I has been crappy weather all day today, first it looked like it would start raining for a really long time and then i actually started raining… I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table fixing photos most of the day…

I hope:
a.) I get the crank set for the bike..
b.) My toe turns OK soon..
c.) The weather turns good again soon

Not much but I can’t really walk on the left foot…
(yes I know, excuses excuses.. but it’s my f***ing foot ok)

Todays walk, nineteen and a half kilometers… Nice walk but the temperature dropped quite radically… from about 20 degrees to 6 degrees got really cold when I walked the last bit, wasn’t clever enough to bring enough clothes… I guess the summer is over and I’m just not accepting it…

I went out for a walk again, it’s 20.21 km according to the GPS, it seems the track shows a little less distance I guess it’s because the track points aren’t that close together so it looses a little of distance in every turn… It was a nice walk anyway, took just over 4 hours and I got some good photos.. =)


I just came back from walking an hour ago or so, had a cup of tea and made this blog thingie, I started making these GPS tracks when I walk, but I don’t really know what to do with them. I figure this is a good place to store them… =)

I’ve been out two times today, ones on the roads and ones in the forest, I normally bike but the bottom bracket bearing is not well on it so until I get me a new one from Ireland I have to stick to walking… We probably go trekking in the fells somewhere later in the autumn Mom and Me and I guess it’s a good idea to get some exercise… Here are some of the tracks anyway…

This one is a 8 km road track that I just made…

This one I made earlier today, it’s 5.5 km around the walking-trail at Arbetsplatsberget in Kållby. I shot a whole lot of photos so it’s not quite straight… nice scenery though… =)

13.5 km track on asphalt… This is actually from yesterday night but I didn’t have a blog yesterday, or an hour ago for that matter… =)

I found yet another one, this is a 10 km track from August 1’st…

I think I should say that the maps are made on a webpage called

Now I kinda feel like going out again, but I really should sleep. I think I’ll have a look if it looks fantastic out there then Maybe I go take some photos… I am a bit tired so probably not… let’s see…

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