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This is my latest album. If you wish to listen to it, or even better buy it, I thought I’d do a shameless plug… =)

Ones upon a time, when I was still a kid and the world was still black and white like the old movies you see on YouTube, I bought an album by a British band called “Magnum – The Spirit”. I remember that I quite liked it but that is not relevant. What is relevant though is that a friend of mine said “This is a really good album, one that you still can listen to and like when you are old” (or something close to that and in Swedish. Back then I didn’t think much about it, but for some reason I remembered it.
The album was released in 1991 so I figure it was 91-92 something when I listened to it, today 17’ish years later, I stumbled upon it just by a coincidence… and remembered what my friend said. So I popped it in the laptop (my cd player is diseased), put on my Grado labs headphones, put the volume on 11 and Wow! This album gives me goose-bumps (Great music should give you goose-bumps, or else it’s not good music). I don’t know if it’s really because it’s good or if it’s no darn nostalgic, I remember so much of my youth when I listen to this, but he surely knew what he was talking about all those years ago.
This album just earned a special place in my itunes catalogue, I even tried to listen to Rednex and Scooter that should be from the roughly the same time perdiod but no goose-bumps there…
The most ironic thing is that the album would probably suck if you didn’t have all the memories attached to it… =)