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Originally uploaded by Jonas Thomén

This was the helicopter that was circling around our village, that I wrote about in the last post. It was flying way too low and it was noisy… now the neighbor is cutting the grass *sigh*

I googled the internets and found out that this one OH-HLS is registered to a company called “Aero-kuva OY” and is taking photos… so with a little luck it got a photo of our house with me standing on the balcony taking photos of the helicopter, my father sleeping on the garden sofa and the whole garden full of drying carpets… =)

I’m thinking about going for a walk, but the weather is not the very best, it’s windy and looks like it might rain…

I woke up early this morning by some dog barking… It was a high pitched very annoying bark at around 180 bpm (that’s barks per minute). The general rhythm was something like this: bark bark bark pause bark bark bark bark pause bark bark bark pause bark longer pause and repeat. I stuffed my noise blocking earplugs in my ears and put on some Jocelyn Pook and somehow managed to fall asleep again… When I woke up again many hours later the dog was still going on, same rhythm… It’s probably still barking, I’m in the the kitchen and can’t hear it though…

Added: Now, just minutes after I published this blog entry a helicopter started circling over here… say isn’t it ironic… =)