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I was going to write every day, that was the goal I set for myself when I started this thing, but for some reason I always seem to forget… From now on I’m gonna try to write more, every single day… (right…)

So what has been going on… I’m not sure what I left off with the last time… maybe I said that I was about to shoot the FSOM orienteering event, I think that was it, well I did shoot it all… three days of scorching hot sunshine in the forest and at the beach, it turned out to be about 2500 photos all in all… what don’t you do for the local orienteering club… (hmm…) anyway the whole set can be seen here

Other then that… well I got another lightning shot, it’s not perfect but it’s a lightning shot… I collect them =) …and I bought a gorilla pod… it’s rater cute…

I also managed to get more f**king blisters on my feet… both feet this time, I’m not even sure what happened but I think that I got sand in my shoes when I was walking around on the beach taking photos for the sport people and then the sand was rubbing against my feet when I was walking the whole day… I didn’t notice anything was wrong until I got home… It’s just a bit annoying because I would need to get new shoes for the trek to Sarek later this fall and those kind of shoes needs to be walked a bit before you go on a long (many days) trek… hopefully everything sorts itself out… I guess it will…

Today I went to see a friend and he was drinking and smoking a lot… so I drew him to town and came back pretty quickly… Wonder if the alcoholics have more fun then me because I could use a bit more fun right now…

I am waiting for my father to (maybe) call and want a ride home from work… it’s about 50km south of here… but it might be that he is coming tomorrow morning too… who knows… I guess I could call him and ask but if he is not coming then he is probably sleeping and I don’t feel like walking him up… then again if he would be coming he would probably have called earlier and asked if I could come…… it’s complicated… =)

I really wish my feet wouldn’t bee sore, I could use a really ling walk… but there haven’t been much walking lately..

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