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Hi, I don’t really like to write about myself but I’ll try…

I’m from a quite small village in western Finland, called Sandsund, I’m trying to be an artist, actually I just graduated from a BA in Photography and Media arts at a university in south eastern England… Now I’m quite unsure of what to do, maybe start a company, that seems like a good idea at the moment

I’m sort of a geek too… I got my first computer and started programming at the age of 8 (and stopped programming at around 18…) I like sound and have this little ambient project called Ambient Light, that have been around for a while… I actually made music much longer then I made visual arts, funny that it’s visual arts that I stated studying and not sound, I used quite much sound in my projects at the university and the projects that got me the highest grades were actually the video and sound pieces, not the photography ones, and photography was my main field after all…

I have a webpage at with a whole lot of more info, this is a blog and I plan to write whatever is floating around in my head here… the webpage is more structured, at least I hope so.

Selfportrait I made a long time ago… (there aren’t much, if any, images of me that I like)