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Last night I heard, and recorded, the sound of a nightingale, in Jakobstad, mid-western Finland.
The nightingale is suppose to be only in the southern parts of the country and certainly not up here…

I remembered the sound from a few sleepless nights in Maidstone, England, where this little f**ker was sitting in the bush outside my window and screaming it’s lungs out… Funny how it got a reputation to be a beautiful song… it’s just bits and pieces…

Well anyway… thought I’d report on the nightingale getting lost this far north… =)



Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) is being annoying again, they’re really good at that, being annoying I mean. I was planning to go there today to try to figure out why on earth I’m not getting any unemployment allowance, but I was way to tired to go anywhere this morning so I guess I will have to do that tomorrow instead. After snoozing for about two hours I got up and found two letters from them. It was a form that wanted me to clear up why I’ve moved to Finland, like I’m some kind of a refugee or something, the other letter said that I had been living abroad without any social insurance at all, darn lucky I didn’t get sick…

Shame on you, Finnish government…

I happened to stumble upon a YouTube video on Taoistic meditation, it was so inspiring. I really would like to take up meditation again. I was quite in to that in the first half of the 90’s, along with all the new age fluff *smiles*, but it’s way to noisy here and now for that and not only audio-noise. There are so much things I need to get done that are noisy in my head too, I need to get my finance up and running, I need to get my company up and running, I need to get my own place to live and so on… But I’ve been reading a bit and stacking up more to read. I love the internet, it’s so easy to find stuff, if it also would be that easy to find useful stuff… =)

I just had a shower and the coffee I made are finished… It’s a fine day out there, 13 degrees and sunny… I think when I’ve dried up somewhat (when my hair stops dripping) I might take the camera and take off towards the forest, it’s been a while since I did any random documentary photography, and I feel like today might be the day.
I have to try and rotate my circadian rhythm to something more like an industrial worker, I have a meeting at ten in the morning at the employment agency this Wednesday and that is extremely early for me, I normally wake up at about two to four in the afternoon, today I set the clock at 12 and snoozed to two… I guess I could stay up all night and be up already at ten in the morning, but those things doesn’t always work out to the best, especially if I have to pretend to be social and alert…

Can’t think of anything more to write, I’ll be back…

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