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I’ve again stumbled upon someone claiming that one Raw is as good if not better then bracketing when making a HDR image…
Thought I’d debunk this ones and for all.

This is the bracket I used in this example, it’s from -4 ev to +4 ev, 9 exposures.

Out of those 9 exposures I made this HDR in Photomatix Pro 4. There are virtually no clipping just some pixels directly in the sun.

This is the middle (0 ev) Raw file.

This is the HDR from a single Raw file, using the same settings as in the above, both the white and black end are clipped, there are lots of noise and loss of detail. The shadow areas that are without details are turning grey because of the tonemapping tries to compensate for black, it could be pulled down but that wouldn’t change the amount actual dynamic range, just make it harder to see.

And finally this is the middle exposure Raw file converted without ever going to HDR, but using every slider in my raw converter to pull out every last bit of information. There are clipping in both highlight and shadow and excessive amounts of noise, but to my surprise, the detail in the shadow area are greater then the single Raw HDR.

Still, the dynamic range in this is no where near what it is in the multiple exposure version. There are times when using one single Raw file is the way to go, for example if you have moving targets, but generally bracketing gives you a wider dynamic range with much less noise.



Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) is being annoying again, they’re really good at that, being annoying I mean. I was planning to go there today to try to figure out why on earth I’m not getting any unemployment allowance, but I was way to tired to go anywhere this morning so I guess I will have to do that tomorrow instead. After snoozing for about two hours I got up and found two letters from them. It was a form that wanted me to clear up why I’ve moved to Finland, like I’m some kind of a refugee or something, the other letter said that I had been living abroad without any social insurance at all, darn lucky I didn’t get sick…

Shame on you, Finnish government…

I happened to stumble upon a YouTube video on Taoistic meditation, it was so inspiring. I really would like to take up meditation again. I was quite in to that in the first half of the 90’s, along with all the new age fluff *smiles*, but it’s way to noisy here and now for that and not only audio-noise. There are so much things I need to get done that are noisy in my head too, I need to get my finance up and running, I need to get my company up and running, I need to get my own place to live and so on… But I’ve been reading a bit and stacking up more to read. I love the internet, it’s so easy to find stuff, if it also would be that easy to find useful stuff… =)

I just had a shower and the coffee I made are finished… It’s a fine day out there, 13 degrees and sunny… I think when I’ve dried up somewhat (when my hair stops dripping) I might take the camera and take off towards the forest, it’s been a while since I did any random documentary photography, and I feel like today might be the day.
I have to try and rotate my circadian rhythm to something more like an industrial worker, I have a meeting at ten in the morning at the employment agency this Wednesday and that is extremely early for me, I normally wake up at about two to four in the afternoon, today I set the clock at 12 and snoozed to two… I guess I could stay up all night and be up already at ten in the morning, but those things doesn’t always work out to the best, especially if I have to pretend to be social and alert…

Can’t think of anything more to write, I’ll be back…


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This was the helicopter that was circling around our village, that I wrote about in the last post. It was flying way too low and it was noisy… now the neighbor is cutting the grass *sigh*

I googled the internets and found out that this one OH-HLS is registered to a company called “Aero-kuva OY” and is taking photos… so with a little luck it got a photo of our house with me standing on the balcony taking photos of the helicopter, my father sleeping on the garden sofa and the whole garden full of drying carpets… =)

I’m thinking about going for a walk, but the weather is not the very best, it’s windy and looks like it might rain…

I woke up early this morning by some dog barking… It was a high pitched very annoying bark at around 180 bpm (that’s barks per minute). The general rhythm was something like this: bark bark bark pause bark bark bark bark pause bark bark bark pause bark longer pause and repeat. I stuffed my noise blocking earplugs in my ears and put on some Jocelyn Pook and somehow managed to fall asleep again… When I woke up again many hours later the dog was still going on, same rhythm… It’s probably still barking, I’m in the the kitchen and can’t hear it though…

Added: Now, just minutes after I published this blog entry a helicopter started circling over here… say isn’t it ironic… =)