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My bike is working again..! =)

I finally got the new Hollowtec II chainset from chain reaction cycles in Ireland, now everything works great… I went out to try it last night and it turned out to be 27.5 km… I didn’t really go anywhere but around the town and to check out locations for some geocaches that I’m going for later… I did bring the GPS but I didn’t make a track… I just had it for locating the cache clues…  I  use the bike computer when I’m biking, the GPS is a bit bulky also to bring on the bike…

It almost feels like cheating to bike, it’s so easy compared to running or walking longer distances… but then again you can go so much further with the bike… I guess I’ll have to alternate a bit… So I don’t forget how to walk when we are going to Sarek… (wheee…=))

I’m having a coffee and in an hour I’m going to FSOM to shoot some photos of people running around in the bush with map and a compass… Today it’s at Fränsviken in Larsmo (Finland) really close to a wind power plant, which is kind of cool… The place is known for having much ticks, which is not so cool… but I have survived this far so I guess I’ll make it today too… =)