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GPS Track

1:40    Leaving for a long walk
1:46    Very dark, I can’t see where I’m putting my feet
1:52    Amazing how many stars there are, just saw one falling too
1:55    Two trucks just passed me
2:08    Strange smell at the roundabout
2:11    A black volvo slowed down while passing me, I thought about waving
2:14    Toilet break, I didn’t dare to go more then a few meters in to the woods, they saw a bear here a few days ago
2:16    Met a truck with 15 lights in the front, followed by a white car
2:17    Truck from a side road, had to hurry to get out of the way
2:24    There’s a slice of watermelon on the road, took a photo
2:34    Dark road again, blinking roadwork sign ahead, they always make holes in the roads in the summer…
2:37    Some animal in the dark bushes to the left of me, a bit scary
2:43    Changed to the next hour-long track in my free audiobook “electricity”
3:02    Met a car, starting to get the feeling I was alone out here
3:06    A hedgehog crossed the road about a meter in front of me
3:18    Met a post-car
3:23    No police-cars at the station, just an observation =)
3:30    A taxi drove past me. It’s getting foggy
3:37    Hare on the road, it ran into the bushes
3:42    Stated the last track of the book
3:53    Getting a bit tired and my back aches just a little
4:07    Met a car, it’s been a while
4:09    Smells great from the bakery I’m passing right now
4:11    A post-car making it’s rounds
4:27    Met a car and another passed me… It’s getting brighter, can’t see much stars now
4:33    A horrible smell rises from the sever pump station
4:38    Came home and the book ended on the doorstep, that’s timing
4:41    16.57 km… Back at the computer. Watching live NASA TV, the launch of the space shuttle discovery STS-128



Here follows an account of the creatures encountered on my walk this evening:

  • Hare – 2
  • Hedgehog – 1
  • Cat – 1
  • Small rodent (deceased) – 1
  • Human (in car) – 3

Todays walk, nineteen and a half kilometers… Nice walk but the temperature dropped quite radically… from about 20 degrees to 6 degrees got really cold when I walked the last bit, wasn’t clever enough to bring enough clothes… I guess the summer is over and I’m just not accepting it…