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It’s been almost a month since we (me, my mother and my aunt) went trekking to Ylläs and the mountains around there… (19-22 July 2009) I’ve been meaning to write something about it for ages but I’m too busy doing nothing nowadays… well anyway, here goes…

Day 1
(From here to there…)

1 resan upp (604.2km)

Got up quite early, it’s about 600 kilometers from Jakobstad to Äkäslompolo, but before everything was packed in the car it was quite late… The drive was rather uneventful, lots of cars that was driving too slowly, especially trailers… I think people that are driving too slow is more dangerous in traffic then people that are driving too fast… We stopped for food in a place called Zeppelin, somewhere near Oulu, there we also drank coffee and went shopping a little… That happens when traveling with two ladies… =)
When we finally got to Shaumaja we unpacked had some coffee and went walking down to the lake Käsänkijärvi, the girls decided to go back to the house but I wanted to stretch my legs a little and walked around the lake in the bright evening… It was a beautiful scenery. I saw a reindeer with a calf that was trying to drink it’s mothers milk while the mother deer walked, looked pretty funny. Later on the other side of the lake I also heard some bird that I haven’t heard before, sounded quite spooky, a bit like a very short crow sound almost like barking, and it was very loud… I got out on the wrong side of the lake and had to walk on the roads back to the house… Thank gods for the GPS…

2 runt käsänkijärvi

Day 2
(Lainiotunturi – Kotamaja)

3 lainio-kotamaja
3 elevation

This day was hot, and it probably didn’t help much to walk in the middle of the day… The girls went to climb on Pirunkuru while I decided to go for a longer walk… I wanted to see the canyon on mount Lainiotunturi called lumikuru (snow canyon), so I walked about 10 km toward kotamaja and then just turned of the track and headed straight for the fell. It was quite though to climb the side of the fell was nothing but rocks and it was scorching sunlight anyway I got up and sat down on the highest peak and drank half of the water I had with me and all of my coffee… I got a bit worried that I didn’t have enough liquid with me but the view was awesome, absolutely worth it… I sat for almost an hour on this top and just enjoyed the silence, it was very silent…

View from Lainiotunturi

View from Lainiotunturi

I wanted to find the canyon lumikuru, that was after all the reason that I went climbing on this rather remote pile of rocks, but I had the misconception that it was on the north side of the mountain and the north side was very steep, I tried to go very close to the edge to see if I could locate anything that looks like the canyon but gave up after a while since I rather survive then get a photo… So I walked down from the peak toward the less steep side, found a tree that looked like a cactus, it was kind of fitting it felt a bit like walking in the desert. Then I walked the rest of the descend in the real lumikuru (I didn’t know that then) and headed towards where the trail should be, I walked and walked and started wondering if I already passed it without noticing, the trail was not on the GPS map, but I had a track where I walked and a point where I went off it and headed up the mountain side.. I decided to keep walking and eventually I found the trail and turned towards kotamaja.

A real Finish cactus

A real Finnish cactus



At kotamaja I found a well with fresh good water *bliss* I drank a lot and filled both the water bottle and the coffee thermos with cold water and headed back towards Shaumaja. When I left Kotamaja I met a guy that looked like Michael Jackson, I was planing on walking over the lower fell called Kukastunturi but I took the wrong trail and ended up walking under the fell instead… It was a quite easy walk but not much to see but forest… When I got almost all the way back I heard water streaming over rocks I stopped and looked if there was a photo waiting for me, there were two tree stumps, I got this weird feeling like one of them was looking at me and the next second it turned and disappeared into the undergrowth… I was left like… What i the world was that?! Then I started thinking that it was about the right size for a bear cub aprox. 30 cm high, the next thought was if there is a baby bear there has to be a mother bear somewhere. That got me walking again… I was making noise with my keys and looked around me more then usual… When I got back I talk to my brother and he said that it may have been a wolverine.. I guess it may… hard to say for sure, but something was in the bushes…



We ate some pasta thing and went to a mill and to Äkässaivo, a lake where they dumped (killed) old people that was a burden to the society, back in the old times… There were way too much mosquitoes to really enjoy it and I get somewhat stressed when I’m walking with people, I like to do it all in my own pace and stop and take pictures of what I like and such… But it was a fine nature and all of that…

Day 3 (Pirunkuru, Käsänki, Kellostapuli)

5 pirun-kellos
5 elevation

Started off early, another hot day… This time I took two water bottles, since I was gonna climb two mountains, and of course the coffee thermos since I was about to drink coffee on the tops… I walked away with my rather heavy camera bag to the pirunkuru canyon, pirunkuru means something like devils canyon, and there’s a reason for the name, which you’d notice when you are about half way up… I stopped and half sat down and pretended to take some photos while the sweat ran like… like someone who just climbed the devils canyon with the bright summer sun in the back… Ironically when I sat and was half dead an elderly couple came walking in a good pace past me, that felt unreal… Anyway I kept climbing and soon enough I got to the top of the mountain Käsänki, that mountain actually have two tops, one to the left looks higher and that is also where most of the piles of rock that people for some reason always seem to build on tops of mountains are but the one to the right are just a little bit higher according to the GPS so that’s where I went to intake the blood of the almighty coffee God… It was windy on the top and I was a bit wet so I didn’t sit as long as I did on Lainio tunturi the day before, instead I went to the western top and walked around for a bit, took some photos and headed back down pirunkuru, walking down these piles of rocks are actually worse then going up, when you are going up you are climbing but when you are going down you are breaking… When I got down met a family from germany (I think) that wondered how far it’s to the top? I said that It’s about as far as you can see… Then he asked how the terrain was up there… I just smiled a wicked grin and pointed at the rocks covering everything around here… “Good luck” =)

Top of mount Käsänki

Top of mount Käsänki

The journey continued around the eastern end of the lake and up on a 5 km long trail that was constantly uphill through forest, a forest that was full of horse flies, the kind of evil insects that bite you just because they can it seems… Not in self defense like wasps, and not to get blood like mosquitoes… I like most animals but those are just a pain in the… When the trail got too steep on the other side of the mountain there was stairs… I don’t really know what to think of that, partly it was a welcome ease but then again you are suppose to be in the wilderness, right? Or well, kind of anyway… I walked on the stairs and it was a fast and simple way to travel up a fell side when I got near the top I went of the trail again and headed towards the kellostapuli peak… I walked near the northern edge or the mountain and the top was really steep but I put the camera and everything loose in the bag and though that oh what the heck, let’s climb… The first half of the climb was pretty easy but the last 30-40 meters was a bit steeper and rocks started to slide under my feet… That was rather unpleasant since there was nothing to grab hold of at all and, in the worst case, about 100 meters of steep fell side without anything but rocks to slide down on… It turned out alright and I got to the top and had my second cup of coffee, it was awesome… I ate a sandwish and took out a mars bar that I managed to forget on the top… Hope some animal or something liked it, and didn’t get sick of it…

Pirunkuru seen from Kellostapuli

Pirunkuru seen from Kellostapuli

The climb down was about as the other climbs down I’ve done on this trip, horrible, just praying to the gods that they save the landslide to some evil person that deserves it. =) Breaks on full power… Saw a pretty nice tree on the way down but I didn’t fall and hurt myself… Came back on the trail and headed down down down… Followed a fell creek that was pretty darn beautiful and took a lot of photos… The trail here was made of a treetrunk sawed in half and was wide as the autobahn… It was a pretty nature and very easy to walk on… When I got down and met the trail that goes around the lake I somewhat misunderstood the signs and started walking in the wrong direction so I walked around the lake Käsänkijärvi again before getting back to the house, Getting to know this trail pretty well now… When I was on the north side of the lake it started raining… I had carried rainwear with me all the time so I packed the camera in the bag and took out the raincoat… Then it stopped raining… So very typical, though it started again later so… well… I bet that if I wouldn’t have been prepared it would not have stopped and I would have got soaked… =)

A most peculiar tree

A most peculiar tree



Day 4

6 seitakivi

This last day I had a little sore legs and thought I would take the car north to a holy place I found on a map, where the people use to have their rituals to their Gods in the old days, it was a rock that was called Seitakivi (“magic rock” loosely translated) I went a little later then the girls that was gonna climb kellosstapuli that day… I had to go buy more bread and I did that before going to the rock… I figured I have lots of time, and I had…the terrain was quite different up here, there were no fells visible, just forest and swamps… When I got to the rock it was just a standing stone, about a meter high and a sign that said seitakivi… That was a bit of an anticlimax but I took some photos of it and the place was on a natural plateau above the river… Oh well I had a little sore legs and didn’t feel like walking much longer anyway… I went to pick up my company at the ski resort at ylläs, and we went to make food, pack, clean and leave..

Before we went on this trip I wanted to get the house Shaumaja in the GPS so that I would not have to look for it but there was virtually nothing on the net mentioning Shaumaja, so I took photos of the house before we left for home and put the address and coordinates on the flickr picture, so now when people are searching for Shaumaja they at least find it… how kind of me… =)

Ollintie 3, Äkäslompolo (N67°36.531 - E024°11.765)

Shaumaja. Ollintie 3, Äkäslompolo (N67°36.531' - E024°11.765')

We was about to pick up my cousin that was coming from a long trek in Padjelanta, Sweden, but we wet too early from Äkäslompolo and we didn’t think about the time zone difference and the wait in Haparanda in Sweden turned quite long… My legs ached a bit now and I wasn’t too keen on walking around in Ikea and places like that but what can you do… We wanted coffee but almost everything was closed or just about to close when we arrived… Finally we found coffee on a fuel station *bliss*… My cousin arrived as planned with the bus and we drove the long way home, just stopped for some coffee and snack on the road… Well that’s it basically… It was a good trip, not too much injuries and my feet was ok… Nice weather, a bit on the warmer side but I don’t know what would be ideal… Kind of sucks when it’s raining all the time like last year…

Keeping it real =)

Keeping it real =)

I went off-road to the trekking trail at Larsmo, about 15 km or so north of here… I have a pair of trekking shoes that I bought last year after we came from the fells in Abisko, Sweden and they are a number too big for me. Every time I used those shoes I’ve got chafed feet, but I thought that if I put two pairs of socks I would be able to use them anyway… wrong… I got about 4.5 km on the trail that are either 8 or 13 km depending on how you walk, so I was past the point of no return when first the heel on the right foot started to hurt and then the left one followed… I’ve said it before but now I mean it… I WILL NEVER EVER USE THOSE SHOES AGAIN… period.

I also had an encounter with an elk, it was at a rather overgrown part near a small lake, something run of into the forest like elks do when they get scared, I said aloud Are there elks in this forest? and then something ran with a lot of noise to the other direction… I take that as a yes… =)

Here follows an account of the creatures encountered on my walk this evening:

  • Hare – 2
  • Hedgehog – 1
  • Cat – 1
  • Small rodent (deceased) – 1
  • Human (in car) – 3

Hello again… it’s a bit late but I just have to write while I’m a bit pissed off… =)

I went for a long walk, some 21.5km or so. It was a bit heavy because I haven’t walked that much lately but oh so nice… The walking was not the reason why I’m annoyed but after about 16 km I sat down on a bench for a little while to rest my legs that started to feel like they didn’t want to go on much further and after maybe two minutes or so two big angry looking Finnish speaking men came out of the bushes, I hadn’t seen any other people for 16 kilometers so I got a bit of a scare… Anyway they came right up to me and asked if I had been throwing firecrackers, I told them that I haven’t been throwing any firecrackers, so he the bigger one asked what’s my name and I decided that I didn’t wanna tell him, then he asked where I live and I told him, That’s not really a secret… So then he asked if I’ve been throwing firecrackers, and I told him again that no I am a bit old to be throwing firecrackers, I’ve been exercising, I even told him that I can prove EXACTLY where I’ve been all the evening and showed him the GPS track.. Then he said that there has been someone throwing firecrackers and they can’t sleep, and that it was me. I said no I haven’t been throwing firecrackers… A third man came walking on the road, he also looked rather menacing, the one I’ve been talking to shouted at him that they found the guy throwing firecrackers… and I told the third man that I have not been throwing any firecrackers and I can show him exactly where I’ve been, he asked what I was doing with a GPS… I told him that I’ve been exercising, that I just sat down on the bench to rest… then he asked if I was alone, Yes, and where my friends are, No I’m alone, and that people need to sleep and I shouldn’t be throwing firecrackers… I told them that I haven’t been throwing and *bleep* firecrackers… that I am a bit too old to be throwing firecrackers… Obviously he wanted to know how old I was and where I lived, I told him, and he wondered if I knew someone with a Finnish name that I’ve never heard of and can’t recall, No, then he said “Velo-moto” (that is a shop in our village that sells motorbikes) and I said Yes… That made him somewhat satisfied… The old man also said that he would let his dog out and if anyone (he meant me) came back the dog would sure make it hard to throw firecrackers… and so on and on…
They finally “let me go” but in their heads they got the guy that was throwing firecrackers, no doubt about that… just as a note, I haven’t thrown a firecracker in at least ten years…

Above is the track and below is speed profiles,
you can see the drop where I was stopped by the firecracker-maffia

EDIT: I thought I was finished with this rant but actually I feel like I want to say more, It’s so annoying that everyone seem to thing that I am some sort of criminal just because I like being out during that night, I happen to like the night, is there some law or something that is stating that you can’t be out during the night without any real valid reason then I am not aware of that… so why am I always the one that is the usual suspect, is it my looks that is the reason, I have rather long natural dreadlocks… if that is the case it’s discrimination… I can have dreadlocks if I want to…

The real problems are the hundreds of drunk people… but I am not drinking… shit I am not even eating meat… I’m totally a pacifist… what is wrong with you people..? Leave me alone, ok?

Good night.

My bike is working again..! =)

I finally got the new Hollowtec II chainset from chain reaction cycles in Ireland, now everything works great… I went out to try it last night and it turned out to be 27.5 km… I didn’t really go anywhere but around the town and to check out locations for some geocaches that I’m going for later… I did bring the GPS but I didn’t make a track… I just had it for locating the cache clues…  I  use the bike computer when I’m biking, the GPS is a bit bulky also to bring on the bike…

It almost feels like cheating to bike, it’s so easy compared to running or walking longer distances… but then again you can go so much further with the bike… I guess I’ll have to alternate a bit… So I don’t forget how to walk when we are going to Sarek… (wheee…=))

I’m having a coffee and in an hour I’m going to FSOM to shoot some photos of people running around in the bush with map and a compass… Today it’s at Fränsviken in Larsmo (Finland) really close to a wind power plant, which is kind of cool… The place is known for having much ticks, which is not so cool… but I have survived this far so I guess I’ll make it today too… =)

I’m not sure if I promised it or not… anyway here’s the track i made the day before yesterday… I was walking the days before too but my GPS had some mental issues with accepting my maps last night I was burngin DVD-r’s all night and it turned very late, it was 6 in the morning when I started burning the last disc and went to bed… I needed to burn 5 discs, I had 7, I used one to test that everything worked alright, then 2 of them turned in to coasters and I was left with 4 discs that worked… so now I have to get even more discs… I guess I need at least 3 to be sure to get one that works…

I’ve got an annoying little sore blister on the smallest toe on my left foot (the one that is the furthest to the left), that’s the excuse why I didn’t go walking very far tonight… I did start out thinking I would go the “normal” 6 km track but it hurt like **** to walk so I turned it to a short track. I has been crappy weather all day today, first it looked like it would start raining for a really long time and then i actually started raining… I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table fixing photos most of the day…

I hope:
a.) I get the crank set for the bike..
b.) My toe turns OK soon..
c.) The weather turns good again soon

Not much but I can’t really walk on the left foot…
(yes I know, excuses excuses.. but it’s my f***ing foot ok)

Todays walk, nineteen and a half kilometers… Nice walk but the temperature dropped quite radically… from about 20 degrees to 6 degrees got really cold when I walked the last bit, wasn’t clever enough to bring enough clothes… I guess the summer is over and I’m just not accepting it…

I went out for a walk again, it’s 20.21 km according to the GPS, it seems the track shows a little less distance I guess it’s because the track points aren’t that close together so it looses a little of distance in every turn… It was a nice walk anyway, took just over 4 hours and I got some good photos.. =)


I just came back from walking an hour ago or so, had a cup of tea and made this blog thingie, I started making these GPS tracks when I walk, but I don’t really know what to do with them. I figure this is a good place to store them… =)

I’ve been out two times today, ones on the roads and ones in the forest, I normally bike but the bottom bracket bearing is not well on it so until I get me a new one from Ireland I have to stick to walking… We probably go trekking in the fells somewhere later in the autumn Mom and Me and I guess it’s a good idea to get some exercise… Here are some of the tracks anyway…

This one is a 8 km road track that I just made…

This one I made earlier today, it’s 5.5 km around the walking-trail at Arbetsplatsberget in Kållby. I shot a whole lot of photos so it’s not quite straight… nice scenery though… =)

13.5 km track on asphalt… This is actually from yesterday night but I didn’t have a blog yesterday, or an hour ago for that matter… =)

I found yet another one, this is a 10 km track from August 1’st…

I think I should say that the maps are made on a webpage called

Now I kinda feel like going out again, but I really should sleep. I think I’ll have a look if it looks fantastic out there then Maybe I go take some photos… I am a bit tired so probably not… let’s see…