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A long time ago my mother and I decided to go trekking to Sarek in northern Sweden, we planned it for a while but when we realized that Kebnekaise isn’t in Sarek we changed the destination to Kebnekaise and hoped no one would notice… we planned everything very well and had some problems getting shoes and so on… but eventually we were ready… so Mom was gonna book the room online when we realized that the place shut down in the middle of the month, i think it was the 15th… it was already the 18th.. so we looked around panicked a bit and decided on Hemavan… it looks like a nice place and they are open… but all the huts around Hemavan did also close a few days ago… so discreetly we changed the destination to Ammarnäs… and now we have a three day trek planned:

Day 1, Ammarnäs vandrarhem to Rävfalls stugan (up on the fell side) 21 km
Day 2, Rävfalls stugan to Vitnjul and back to Rävfalls stugan 16.5 km
Day 3, Rävfalls stugan to Ammarnäs vandrarhem (down in the valley) 17.5 km

After that we should be just about the right amount of dead… We’re leaving on Monday =)