I made bread tonight and it was awesome… here’s the recipe… =)


1 liter Water
3 deciliter Oatgrains
2-3 teaspoons of Salt
50 grams of Yeast.
1.7 liters of Wheat flour
2 deciliter of mixed Seeds

– Soak the oatgrains and the salt in warm water for a while.
– When the mixture cooled off to the right temperature (for fresh yeast approximately 37 degrees), add yeast (dissolved in a little water), the wheat flour and the seeds.
– Stir with a wooden ladle to a smooth batter (rather loose).
– Let it ferment under a cloth approximately 45 minutes and pour out on a plate with the help of a ladle or steak shovel to 4 breads.
– Cook at 200 degrees around about 35 minutes.
– Brush bread with melted butter and let it cool down under a cloth.

I used a little bit too much flour, I would recommend not doing that it’s suppose to be quite loose.. The fresh bread with just butter on it tastes absolutely amazing…