I went off-road to the trekking trail at Larsmo, about 15 km or so north of here… I have a pair of trekking shoes that I bought last year after we came from the fells in Abisko, Sweden and they are a number too big for me. Every time I used those shoes I’ve got chafed feet, but I thought that if I put two pairs of socks I would be able to use them anyway… wrong… I got about 4.5 km on the trail that are either 8 or 13 km depending on how you walk, so I was past the point of no return when first the heel on the right foot started to hurt and then the left one followed… I’ve said it before but now I mean it… I WILL NEVER EVER USE THOSE SHOES AGAIN… period.

I also had an encounter with an elk, it was at a rather overgrown part near a small lake, something run of into the forest like elks do when they get scared, I said aloud Are there elks in this forest? and then something ran with a lot of noise to the other direction… I take that as a yes… =)